Security Guard & Patrol

  • Security Officers
    Our primary focus is to provide uniformed security officers to commercial clients. Our officers are licensed (as required by California law), and are properly trained to provide our customers great service, wear professional uniforms, and are courteous. Officers may be Armed or Unarmed depending on your needs; we encourage the use of armed officers because of officer safety concerns and the benefit of increased deterrence to criminals.

  • Types of Patrol
    Our officers can perform a mobile patrol of your property on foot or in a vehicle (motor vehicle, golf cart, or other means of transportation). We recommend some type of vehicle for larger patrols. Or you can choose to have them assigned to a stationary location, such as a community gate. Anytime we provide a patrol vehicle, there will be an additional charge added to your hourly base rate.

  • Duties
    E.S.P & Alarms Inc, primary objective is prevention. While duties are customized to the need of the client, officers may commonly perform duties such as locking your offices or pools, discouraging misbehavior, parking lot and perimeter checks, enforcement of parking, trespass, loitering, and curfew violations, site searches for prowlers or suspicious activity, completing light out reports, preventing vandalism, noise control/abatement, notification of emergency services or client management when needed, and assist employees, guests or visitors at your property.

***Contact E.S.P PROS for more information (707) 528-3401***